Freeview: Local frequency changes and retune guide


If you experience any signal loss over the first half of 2019, it may be due to Freeview expanding frequencies to make room for more channels. 

No need to worry, though, as we found a few useful guides to help you retune your Freeview device. Click here for a detailed list of areas affected by these changes or scroll down for a handy step-by-step video guide.

Alternatively, why not pop-in to your local store and ask one of our colleagues to walk you through the process on one of our Freeview-equipped devices?

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  1. Will these changes to Freeview also be affecting FreeSat?

    • Hi Kevan,

      Your best bet is to call the Freeview Advice Line on 0808 100 0288. They’ll be able to best answer your questions.