Product review: Dali Alteco C1 Surround Speakers

The critically-acclaimed Danish loudspeaker makers deliver a speaker built to deliver delicate Atmos sounds.

When people talk about having a home cinema or surround sound system at home, they are likely to be speaking about a 5.1 system. Sure the odd person might have a 7.1 or 7.2 but most of the time it’s your standard 5.1 system that’s been around for years. A few years ago we were introduced to Atmos from Dolby, and subsequently DTS:X from DTS, that took the term “surround sound” to a whole new ball park.

Both formats employ a ceiling-mounted speaker to add height to the surround sound experience. Having the sound coming down from above submerses you in what you’re watching and gives a much more cinematic feel than the 5.1 system we’ve come to love. Ideally you’d have ceiling speakers directly above where you’re sat, but what if that isn’t an option?

Well, Dali have got you covered in the Alteco C1.

Building on their fine Danish heritage it’s clear a lot of thought has gone into the design of the C-1. Aesthetically, it has a retro look with a modern angled shape that helps fire the sound direction toward your seating position. They are a decent size at 265 x 160 x 200mm and have a feel of a separate bookshelf speaker, as opposed to just to be used as part of a home cinema system. They’re brilliantly built and seem built to last.

They look and feel the part so what about the sound?

First of all I’m going to hook them up in our demonstration room on the wall and use them in the Dolby Atmos system. I need to select where I want the sound to come from though. The speakers have something rather unique in the ‘dual sound’ mode. There’s a switch on the speakers which dictates where the sound from the speakers will beam to. Selecting ‘up’ is the key here as this will angle the sound slightly to where I’m sitting and should give me the sound I’m looking for. If you select ‘down’ the sound will come out of the speaker almost vertically, which would be used in a configuration where the speakers are attached to the wall.

So after all of this, I put on our Dolby Atmos demonstration disk and away we go. I’ve heard quite a few pairs of Atmos speakers over the past year or so but none quite like these. It’s almost like there’s another set of bookshelf speakers attached to the systems, and the sound is fantastic. There’s much more depth to the soundtrack and they do an outstanding job in reproducing that cinematic feel. Just for this alone they’d be a great part of any Atmos system.

But what about playing music through them? Well they do a pretty spectacular job here too. Dali have made brilliant hi-fi speakers for years and you can add these to the ongoing list. They are full-bodied and an easy and engaging listen. The soft dome tweeter gives smooth treble and nothing is too harsh. They are simply brilliant.

If you fancy adding a good pair of speakers for your new home cinema, then these are definitely worth a listen. Come in to your nearest Richer Sounds today to hear them for yourself.

Click here to learn more about the Dali Alteco C1

Author: Bradley, Plymouth store

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  1. Did you give the ‘down function a try? I’m curious to know how these sound on a sofa against a back wall with the speakers mounted high with the ‘down function selected.
    I’m assuming on a .4 setup the front atmos can be mounted above TV shooting straight at you too?

  2. These speakers are really elegant. It’s worth buying at least for its looks.

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  5. Ohh nice article guys I like it, I have a sony home theatre box systems. I love that so much

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