Product review: Optoma NuForce BE Free8 wireless in-ear headphones

Optoma BE Free 8

Optoma is back to add to their impressive headphone line-up… this time with a set of cable-free wireless Bluetooth ear buds; introducing the BE Free8.

Offering ‘True Wireless Freedom’, the BE Free8s allow you to untangle yourself from the cables and get moving. Commuters will no doubt have spotted people sporting ‘true wireless earbuds’ while they are out and about and it seems their popularity is increasing. This reviewer was sceptical at first – wouldn’t it be so easy to accidentally lose one down the seat of a train, or into the road when you are going for a jog? I was particularly keen to see how well they stay in your ears and whether they would be comfortable to wear. So here goes…

The BE Free8s are water-resistant – perfect for an active lifestyle!

Straight out of the box the polycarbonate buds are lightweight without feeling cheap. They are also water-resistant and so should have no problems with dealing with rain or sweat – making them perfect for exercising and commuting!

Set up is very straightforward. The left earbud connects to your music source via Bluetooth, and the right earbud connects to the left using near-field magnetic induction (NFMI). Easy peasy.

Optoma BE Free 8

The portable carry case can store enough power for an additional three full charges.

Battery life is four hours on a full charge which is a respectable length of time compared to the standards of similar models on the market. The ear buds also come with a portable charging case which holds enough battery for up to three full charges.

I actually find these ear buds very comfortable – we are all built differently so I would highly recommend giving these a go in store before purchasing but I found the silicone buds sat securely in my ears. The buds are very discreet and are unlikely to be knocked from your ears as they don’t hang outside your ear canals as some other models on the market do. The air-tight seal meant that I felt happy they would stay in while I was out and about. It also acts as a handy external noise block which is ideal for the commuter.

So they are comfortable, lightweight and stay in so what about the sound?

With buds this size you would be forgiven for thinking they might lack a punch but I was really impressed. The sound was clear and the bass in particular was very impressive. The buds feature dynamic drivers that feature NuForce Sonic coating, and the sound is crisp and powerful. For use during your everyday life these earbuds also offer a noise-cancelling microphone for calls, and a button which can play, pause and skip songs, and also activates Siri and Google Assistant.

Overall, the BE Free8s are a great option for anyone looking for discreet, lightweight wireless headphones without forfeiting great sound quality. Give your local store a call to arrange a demo and put these little buds through their paces!

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