Product review: Philips PUS6703 TV range

While manufacturers are pioneering the latest in OLED and QLED displays with up to 8K resolution screens, not everyone has the budget for this cutting-edge technology. Luckily, you need not compromise too much to stay on budget these days. New features always roll down to the budget side of things and Philips’ new PUS6703 range is a perfect example of a feature-packed TV at a very reasonable price. Read on to find out more about the newest Philips 4K HDR TVs featuring the Ambilight technology…

The new Philips PUS6703 is available in 43, 50, 55 and 65-inch versions, all with the same commitment to great features and picture quality. All these models come with Philips’ signature Ambilight technology. This system uses an array of multi-coloured LEDs around the back of the TV panel to ease the visual transition to the space around the TV. In practise, this creates the impression of a much bigger screen size and stops those annoying moments, when you’re broken out of the action by something distracting just off-screen.

The inclusion of 4K HDR at such a competitive price point may not be as rare as it once was, but the quality of that picture is what makes the difference here. The presentation of true UHD content really shines on such an excellent panel. 8 million pixels may sound like a lot, but if not used well, the results can be disappointing. Happily, we can confirm the PUS6703 does a surprisingly good job here. 4K images are crisp and sharp with little to no artefacts visible at a good viewing distance.


The Philips PUS6703 also does a great job with scaling. Normal broadcast TV has yet to reach 4K resolution, so it’s worth investing in a set that does a great job of presenting your everyday content too. This is ably assisted by the micro dimming system that Philips has included to improve the black levels of the PUS6703. By providing 6400 dimming zones there are much better black levels providing more clarity to darker scenes. It’s a welcome inclusion on this end of the market and sets these TVs apart from the competition.

All in all, this adds up to a great package for those looking to make the leap to 4K. The picture is impressive, and it comes with a wealth of applications to provide plenty of content to enjoy. The build is good for the price and doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to inputs. However, the Ambilight feature is what really sets this TV apart. It’s hard to describe in print just how much of a difference it makes on a blank wall behind, but the range of colours is impressive and it never seems to struggle to adapt to what you’re viewing. To see what a difference it makes for yourself, or simply to see whether 4K is the right step for you, pop in to your local Richer Sounds store today.

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Author: Rob, Brighton store

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  1. Does the Philips PUS6703 TV work as well when mounted on a wall & not just on a stand.

    • Hi there,

      This TV should work just as well when wall mounted. Philips recommends a bit of space between the TV and the wall to get the best experience from the Ambilight feature, so we’d recommend a cantilever bracket to get the most from this great feature.