Product review: Samsung HWR550 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Soundbars are the way forward. Well I mean many of us use them every day. Maybe you don’t use a soundbar though, and maybe you’re thinking about getting one but don’t know where to start looking, and if that situation were to arise then maybe….just maybe I could guide you in your perilous journey into the soundbar world as you traverse the plains of multiple manufacturers to figure out exactly what you need to vastly improve you TV based sound performance!

I’m talking about the Samsung HWR550.

It’s a soundbar/sub combo where the bar plugs into your TV via the optical output and the sub sits somewhere else in the room just being chill, it’s also connected wirelessly to the soundbar only needing mains power. Let’s get another “Bam” from the spice weasel and add in the fact that if you have a compatible Samsung TV then you can actually connect the TV to the bar wirelessly! If you do want that sweet wireless functionality though make sure you know the model number of your TV and don’t forget to ask about it so you’re 100% sure everything will be compatible.

So what kind of sound can we expect to get from Samsung’s best kept secret, well new best friend, it’s pretty bassy (bassy being the adjective of bass….maybe) but in a way that isn’t detrimental to the clarity of the sound as it utilises cross talk cancellation technology to keep things crystal clear. This means that not only will you improve the lifeless lacklustre performance of your TV with atmospheric bass but you’ll also be able to tell what people are saying when you’re watching something with quiet dialogue.

Bluetooth’s good, this has it.

Also if you’ve ever thought that a soundbar might solve a problem but maybe isn’t “enough” to solve the problem then Samsung have your back, so don’t worry about it. What I mean is that if you purchase additional wireless speakers to turn this 2.1 Soundbar into a multi speakered sound party! Ask in store to learn more about speaker options.

So what else do you want to know? Its power output is allegedly 320 watts which seems ridiculously high, but it’s pretty loud so maybe that’s right. Its frequency range is 42-20000HZ which is respectable, and whilst listening to it there seemed to be no issue with soundtracks that featured a lot of noise going on at the same time making demoing films a pleasure, as every film I demo seems to have more loud noises happening at the same time as vocals than a lecture in a kaboom factory!

So is the Samsung HWR550 a good soundbar? Yes. Is it worth your time and effort to pop into your local store to give it a demo? Again the answer is yes. So why not give it a try and see if moving into the land of bar sound is right for you and your family and maybe even your dog. Also if you have a dog please please please bring it into the store.

Learn more about the Samsung HWR550 2.1 Soundbar.

Author: Hal, Plymouth store