Product review: Sennheiser RS175-U Headphones

It’s time to talk about Sennheiser wireless headphones again. A few blogs ago I talked about the fantastic RS120‘s but now we’re going to take it up another notch and look at the substantially more fancy RS175-U.

First things first let’s talk about the wireless transmission itself. Opting for a type of digital wireless transmission instead of the traditional Radio Frequency means that they can send a higher quality of signal and keep things even more crisp and spatially accurate whilst still maintaining the allure of being able to move from room to room. Confusingly, digital wireless transmission is considered “Line of Sight” meaning that technically the sender should be able to see the headphones. In practice though not only does Sennheiser state you can move from room to room but I’ve even tried them and had no issue, so I’m not really sure why they’ve stated it.

Of course as you’re moving from room to room there is the issue of what your walls are made of as the thicker the wall the harder it is for the signal to pass through. This does mean that the stated “100 metre” range shouldn’t be taken as gospel with a more accurate distance being between 20-50 metres in a home environment. That’s still pretty impressive though considering that an average two storey house is only around six metres tall and maybe about 10 metres wide, so your house should be pretty much covered as long as you don’t live in a giant mansion.

Enjoy a far longer wireless range, with the Sennheiser RS175 headphones.

By using digital technology the RS175-U’s also have the ability to be connected by an optical from the TV your using. While this may sound like just another connection what it actually means is that with most modern TVs you can connect the headphones up to the TV and still have the speakers playing without having to pick a specific model or mess around too much with settings. You’ll still have to go into the settings a little bit but that’s just modern day life!

Like I alluded to before, the digital transmission also improves the sound quality, and this is pushed even further with the utilisation of both “Bass Boost” and “Surround Sound Listening Modes”. The Bass Boost of course improves bass response and overall bass accuracy, with the surround sound modes giving you greatly improved spatial and lively audio.

Build quality wise the sender is a nice monolith of a unit without being to overbearing, and the headphones themselves are both super comfortable and robust without being too heavy. They’re also closed back so no one else in the same room has to listen to whatever you are (but if you’re all watching the same programme I guess that doesn’t matter so much) and feature a circumaural design so they cover your entire ear.

Lastly as they are wireless they of course have a battery, and with the supplied rechargeable batteries you’ll be looking at around 18 hours of life before you have to place them on the cradle and get a nice charge on.

If you’re in the market for wireless headphones to be used in non-mobile environment then I would greatly recommend getting in touch with your local Richer Sounds store to demo some of these fantastic Sennheiser RS175-Us.

Learn more about the Sennheiser RS175-U Headphones.

Author: Hal, Plymouth store