Product video: LG UR91 4K LED TV Range

With so much attention being paid to the spectacular OLED and QNED models, it’s sometimes easy to forget that LG also makes regular LED TVs. Take a look at this year’s UR91 model, however, and it soon becomes clear that LG is still very much a front-runner with LED, too.

Topping LG’s LED range, the UR91 benefits from some well-established and highly impressive picture technologies. Perhaps the most impressive of these is Local Dimming. Local Dimming divides the screen backlighting into zones. Each of these zones is individually controlled, giving much better contrast across the entire image. The result is deeper blacks and brighter whites, helping the picture to really ‘pop’ from the screen.

Enhancing the screen’s performance further, the LG UR91 is not just compatible with HDR10 and HLG, but also benefits from LG’s own HDR10 Pro, with Dynamic Tone Mapping. This optimises HDR content, improving brightness, colour and detail on a frame-by-frame basis, revealing every element of detail.

Showing a true depth of talent with its picture and Smarts, the LG UR91 TV range delivers as only a top-brand can.

Commanding this impressive screen technology is LG’s all-powerful Alpha 5 Gen 6 processor. Calling on AI processing power, this quad-core device optimises both sound and vision. Watch an older movie or TV, for example, and the advanced 4K Upscaling gives you improved clarity and detail. AI Brightness Control ensures the perfect screen brightness for your room’s lighting conditions. AI Sound Pro creates a spacious surround sound effect while AI Acoustic Tuning utilises the Magic Remote’s microphone to ‘tune in’ to your room’s acoustics. When it comes to sound and vision, it’s clear that AI has truly come of age with this TV.

The UR91’s smart processing power continues with its equally Smart and intuitive webOS 23 operating system. Focusing on personalisation, the system gives you and everyone in your household a more bespoke experience. The new Quick Cards function provides dedicated cards for your favourite type of content – such as gaming, music or sport. These cards make it much easier to find your favourite apps and services related to this interest. What’s more, content is now personalised for everyone in your home. With the My Profile setting, each person in your household gets individual recommendations when they sign in.

When it comes to sound quality, that powerful processing once again comes to the fore. For such a slim and stylish TV, the sound is respectably spacious. Pair with a compatible LG soundbar, however, and the sound quality is transformed. Plus thanks to LG’s WOW interface, the soundbar’s different sound presets – such as movie or music – are selectable on the TV’s on-screen menus, so you have complete control with your TV remote.

As well as working together in harmony, the UR91’s height-adjustable stand* ensures that TV and soundbar look great when paired, too. A fixed TV stand can sometimes mean that using a soundbar in front obscures the screen or, just as annoyingly, blocks the remote control sensor. With the UR91’s stand, this is no longer an issue. The seamless style is further enhanced by the slimline depth which, at around 30mm, is nearly half that of the previous year’s model.

With the UR91, LG has taken a traditional TV technology and honed it to perfection. At this price range, it’s hard to think of a better option. Screen sizes range from 43” to 75”, making it ideal for every situation from desktop to home cinema TV. To experience this TV’s talents for yourself, why not visit your local store today? Or give our Telesales team a call to discover if this is the right TV for you.


*Height adjustment only available on 75/65/55″ screen sizes.