Richer Unsigned at The Pheasantry 11/5/14

On Sunday 11th May, music industry representatives and ambassadors from Q magazine gathered at The Pheasantry in Chelsea for our first Richer Unsigned evening, where a hand-picked line-up of artists were given the exciting opportunity to show off their musical talents and gain some priceless exposure in the process! It’s the first time that the not-for-profit entity has showcased the artists involved in its monthly competition, with an eclectic blend of styles and genres on offer.

Photo by James Emmet/Q Magazine

The four artists,  Emma Jane,  Ms. Hart,   Gareth Esson and Firewoodisland were also interviewed for a special feature to be published in Q magazine and on

A palpable sense of anticipation descended upon the audience as the first billed artist, Emma Jane took the stage. Opening with the track she entered on the Richer Unsigned website, Now or Never, the singer-songwriter performed a superbly diverse set, alternating between resonant piano riffs and melodious guitar tracks to show off the power of her delicately sensitive voice and compelling lyrical content.


Photo by James Emmet/Q Magazine

Next came London-based RnB artist  Ms. Hart who captivated our audience with her incredible vocal range and dominating stage presence. Her confidence and obvious experience with performing combined with eloquent backing melodies put us in mind of some of the big names in RnB and soul music, offset by the raw and heartfelt quality to her lyrics that everyone present could identify with.

A quick break gave our prestigious audience a chance to mingle and discuss the two fantastic artists already seen, before order resumed and singer-songwriter Gareth Esson stepped up to the mic, guitar in hand.


Photo by James Emmet/Q Magazine

Instantly likeable, Esson’s elaborate melodies and dynamic vocals profoundly emphasised the touchingly real narrative in his lyrics that cover everything from post-breakup bed shopping to suspecting his cousin of being a superhero. Gareth has an obvious talent for songwriting, and his performance scanned a range of emotions, each one eagerly received by the audience.  

Finishing off the evening were Firewoodisland, a contemporary folk band comprised of talented musicians adept at everything from the guitar and harmonica to the glockenspiel and Irish whistle. Infused with a synergy of sincere emotion and spellbinding whimsy, the collection of songs displayed from their latest EP were both catchy and insightful. Between songs, the visible chemistry between the band members translated superbly as they interacted with each other and with our audience. It made for a thoroughly enjoyable set, and a great end to a fantastic evening of music!


Photo by James Emmet/Q Magazine

Richer Unsigned is a not-for-profit entity set up to champion all musicians who may just be getting started, have been in the industry a while or simply don’t have a great label deal. Our founder, Julian Richer set up a band five years ago.  Five hundred gigs on, he has learnt a little about the industry and thinks he may be able to help! He also feels that as he originally built his fortune selling hi-fi – which would be worthless without musicians – that it’s right we give something back. So here we are!We genuinely want to help musicians by putting them in front of a large musically passionate audience at no cost to them, plus providing other benefits such as studio time. 

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