Richer Unsigned Industry Showcase

An evening of new music brought to you by Richer Unsigned

On Wednesday 17th August 1960 at The Indra in Hamburg, Germany a fresh new band called “The Beatles” played their first ever gig.  Two years later, on 12th July 1962, a blues-covers band called “The Rolling Stones” performed their first show.  Now, 42 years later – 15th July 2014 – a date that will go down with these two in the musical history books. Richer Unsigned in conjunction with Q Magazine & Sennheiser bring you An Evening of New Music.

This showcase, the second in a series of regular quarterly events, sees the cream of the crop from Richer Unsigned’s monthly competition display their talents to a specially selected audience of music journalists  and industry folk at the exclusive Chelsea venue ‘The Pheasantry’.

All artists performing have been specially selected by Q Magazine – the UK’s biggest Music Magazine.  Q’s editors have chosen bands and artists with merit who finished high in the monthly Richer Unsigned chart to perform a twenty minute set at our ‘Industry-Only’ event.

Ellis Palmer, a singer from Bury St. Edmonds, featured on Richer Unsigned with his track “Movement”. Invoking Omar Lye-Fook and The Brand New Heavies, we will be treated to an exhibit of some very special soulful tones. Ellis Palmer will be providing us with some top-notch jazz-funk-hip-hop-pop-fusion, otherwise known as Neo-Soul.

KynchinLay will be bringing their unique style of Rock all the way from the unofficial World-Capital-of-Music ™ Liverpool, UK. They will be showing off their influences; Stadium Rock, Industrial, Power-Pop, New-Wave and Punk. Never has such swagger seemed quite at home in such a beautiful and historic building.

Cowboy 76er received fantastic ratings and subsequently erned his place on the line-up with his track “Dance With Me”. His music varies from simple yet beautiful melodies to more complex acoustic playing. Vocally Coyboy 76er, aka Gary Sharp, resembles a current (2000’s – 2014) Bob Dylan or a classic Cat Stevens.

Gold Jacks gave the world “Neon Soul” and won a place infront of the Q Magazine panel. Gold Jacks are a Blues-Rock band from Manchester that bring something new to the table. Their drums skip along with an extra beat, and the vocals soar with a rare enthusiasm. Making the hairs on your arms tingle, these humble guys from The North™ bring us exciting Rock with aplomb.

Lastly (and certainly not leastly) is our most recent Richer Unsigned Winner, Innes. This Yorkshire based Singer/Songwriter won the competition with her original tune “Where Will You Go”. A talented Acoustic-Pop singer, she showed everyone what she is musically capable of with her unique composition on lost love. Mixing equal parts Country Soul, Piano-Pop and Indie Singer/Songwriting, Innes creates songs that are both haunting and catchy – something we are looking forward to seeing when she plays to our specially selected industry panel.

We are thrilled to anounce this line-up, and are very much looking forward to whats-to-come from this varied selection of talented artists. Richer Unsigned is commited to bring you the best in new music. Our aim is to help give exposure to hard-working bands and singers: From showcase gigs, to reviews and coverage, Richer Unsigned in conjunction with Q Magazine and Sennheiser, will be giving more artists the chance to take the next step along the way to musical stardom. For more information on how to apply, and to check out our latest selection of new music, head over to now.