‘Where Fires Are’ top the Unsigned charts


The latest round of Richer Unsigned has drawn to a close, and what a month it’s been!

We have been inundated with top quality submissions from all genres and all corners of the country.
Without further ado, we are pleased to announce the winner of the July round of Richer Unsigned:
Where Fires Are bring us ‘Isabella’, a fantastic track layered with hooks and rhythm.

Here’s what a few fans of the song had to say about it…

Andre Morganator called it “Sublime”, whilst Matias Reed said it was a “great tune, really solid hooks and high energy throughout with a large variety of influences.” Lacreme told us he gets “the same feeling when listening to this track as I do when I stroke a furry wall.”
Good job, Lacreme. Keep stroking those walls…

As winners of the official Richer Unsigned chart, Where Fires Are have been awarded with a day recording in a studio, where we hope they will produce more of the same. Congratulations guys!

cropped-1521436_604918599582454_589567090_n9Some special mentions go out to these great bands…

Our monthly R&B and Hip-Hop chart topper was the very talented Super Soul Soldiers. Their ska-beat style of social commentary is the perfect compliment for the summer heat.

The talented Harriet brought us the beautiful ballad ‘Afterglow’, and with it was crowned our top
Pop artist for July.

Fusing Hip-Hop with Jazz guitar and sublime vocals,
Omar Don’t Scare were given the most amount of votes in our Blues, Jazz and World category, and demand a listen.

For those of you who like to turn it up to 11, March delivered a massive injection of Punk Rock attitude with their anthemic track ‘Secret Romance’.

With next month’s chart now on everyone’s radar, why not head over to Richer Unsigned and help propel your favourite song to the top of the chart….